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Syrian Jews: Quiz


Question 1: It does not reflect the formal rules for the pronunciation of ________ (tajwid) to the same extent as the pronunciation of Iraqi Jews.
Egyptian ArabicArabic languageModern Standard ArabicClassical Arabic

Question 2: Monte Sinai and Maguen David are now the largest Jewish communities in ________, having more than four synagogues, a community center and a school each.
NicaraguaUnited StatesPhilippinesMexico

Question 3:
Syrian Jews, Sephardi Jews and Judaeo-Spanish are all:
Sephardi Jews topics Syrian diaspora Mizrahi Jews topics Jewish Syrian history

Question 4: There were large communities in ________ and Damascus for centuries, and a smaller community in Qamishli on the Turkish border near Nusaybin.

Question 5:
Syrian Jews, Arab Jews and Solomon Dwek are all:
Jewish Syrian history Mizrahi Jews topics Syrian diaspora Syrian Jews

Question 6: Also in the ________ the members of Monte Sinaí established a large synagogue for Damascene Jews in the Colonia Roma area.

Question 7: At the time this neighborhood was home to the largest concentration of Jews from Aleppo in ________.
Mexico CityRio de JaneiroSão PauloMoscow

Question 8: beida bi-lemoune: ________ mixed with an egg and lemon
Chicken soupBuffalo wingsChicken fatChicken (food)

Question 9: Some of the laws specific to Eretz Yisrael are regarded as extending to Damascus,[7] and the city had ties both to the ________ Kabbalists and to the Jerusalem Sephardic community.
NazarethAcre, IsraelTiberiasSafed

Question 10: Toward the end of the ________, it was stolen and taken to Egypt, where it was redeemed by the Jewish community of Cairo.
12th century10th century11th centuryIslamic Golden Age


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