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Question 1: By the time these arrived, however, Egypt had already opted for a ceasefire, while only Syria remained in a state of war against ________.
United StatesIsraelGreeceArmenia

Question 2: During the war the Pakistani Air Force sent 16 pilots to the Middle East in order to support ________ and Syria.

Question 3: The end of World War II led to a withdrawal of the United Kingdom and ________ from the Middle East, and this included a withdrawal from Syria.
FranceCanadaUnited StatesItaly

Question 4: The Yom Kippur War provided initial success for both Syria and ________, though again Israel inflicted far more casualties in the air than it endured.

Question 5: The roundel used by the Syrian Air Force has the same basic design as that used by the ________.
Egyptian Air ForceMikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21C-47 SkytrainIsraeli Air Force

Question 6: In the ________, the Syrian Air Force was defeated rapidly, losing two-thirds of its forces with the rest retreating to bases in remote parts of Syria.
Yom Kippur WarSix-Day War2006 Lebanon War1948 Arab–Israeli War

Question 7: The 1950s saw Syria and ________ attempt to unify as the United Arab Republic, this was reflected in the Syrian Air Force with growth in personnel and aircraft.

Question 8: The embryonic force saw limited participation in the ________, conducting bombing raids against Israeli forces and settlements.
1948 Palestinian exodus from Lydda and RamlaSix-Day WarDeir Yassin massacre1948 Arab–Israeli War

Question 9: The Syrian Air Force, despite its training and capabilities never fared well against ________.
United StatesArmeniaGreeceIsrael

Question 10: During the ________, the Syrian Air Force fought against the Israeli Air Force, in the largest scale air-to-air combat of the jet age, involving 150 fighters from both sides.
2006 Lebanon War1982 Lebanon WarLebanese Civil War1978 South Lebanon conflict


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