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Syriac Christianity: Quiz


Question 1: The Chalcedonians were often labelled 'Melkites' (Emperor's Party), while their opponents were labelled as Monophysites (those who believe in the one rather than two natures of Christ) and Jacobites (after ________).
Jacob BaradaeusOriental OrthodoxyJustinian IAl-Harith ibn Jabalah

Question 2: Traditions
Eastern Catholic Churches
Eastern Orthodox Church
Oriental Orthodoxy
Syriac Christianity
Eastern ChristianityAssyrian Church of the EastChurch of the EastHistory of the Orthodox Church

Question 3: However, such groups are not normally classified among those ________ to which the term "Syriac Christianity" is traditionally applied.
East–West SchismSaint Thomas ChristiansOrthodox ChurchEastern Christianity

Question 4: Thozhiyur church is in communion with the ________.
Syrian Malabar NasraniMar Thoma ChurchMalankara ChurchIndian (Malankara) Orthodox Church

Question 5: Theology
Hesychasm - Icon
Apophaticism - ________
Miaphysitism - Monophysitism
Nestorianism - Theosis - Theoria
Phronema - Philokalia
Praxis - Theotokos
Hypostasis - Ousia
Essence-Energies distinction
Catholic ChurchFilioqueEcumenical councilEast–West Schism

Question 6: Ctesiphon, which was at the time the Sassanid capital, became the capital of the ________.
Assyrian Church of the EastEastern ChristianityHistory of the Orthodox ChurchChurch of the East

Question 7: The Maronite Church, a West Syrian Rite ________ Church.
Catholic ChurchEastern Catholic ChurchesLatin RiteRoman Catholic theology

Question 8: The early literature of Syriac Christianity includes the Diatessaron of Tatian (most probably); the Curetonian Gospels and the Syriac Sinaiticus; the Peshitta Bible; the Doctrine of Addai and the writings of ________; and the hymns of Ephrem the Syrian.
Constantine IAssyrian peopleBar-HebraeusAphrahat

Question 9: After the ________ in 451, many Syriac Christians within the Roman Empire rebelled against its decisions.
Council of ChalcedonFirst Council of NicaeaFirst Council of ConstantinopleFirst Council of Ephesus

Question 10: Mar Thoma church is in communion with the ________.
AnglicanismAnglican CommunionCatholicismEpiscopal Church (United States)


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