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Question 1: [1] Syria Phoenice too was divided into Phoenice proper, with capital at Tyre, and Phoenicia Libanesia, with capital at ________.

Question 2: The Syrian army accounted for three legions of the ________, defending the Parthian border.
Roman armyImperial Roman armyRoman NavyAuxiliaries (Roman military)

Question 3: In the 3rd century, Syrians even reached for imperial power, with the ________.
Septimius SeverusRoman Emperor (Principate)ElagabalusSeveran dynasty

Question 4: It was occupied by the Sassanids between 609 and 628, when recovered by the emperor ________, but lost again to the advancing Muslims after the battle of Yarmouk and the fall of Antioch.
Manuel I KomnenosHeracliusMaurice (emperor)Justinian I

Question 5: In 528, ________ carved out the small coastal province Theodorias out of territory from both provinces.
Justinian IConstantine IManuel I KomnenosBasiliscus

Question 6: Syria was of crucial strategic importance during the ________.
Crisis of the Third CenturyClassical antiquityCampaign history of the Roman militaryRoman Empire

Question 7: In the 1st century, it was the Syrian army that enabled ________'s coup.

Question 8: From the later 2nd century, the ________ included several notable Syrians, including Claudius Pompeianus and Avidius Cassius.
Ancient RomeRoman KingdomRoman MagistratesRoman Senate

Question 9: The region remained one of the most important provinces of the ________, although in the 6th century it was plagued by Sassanid Persian incursions during the Roman-Persian Wars.
Western Roman EmpireByzantine IconoclasmByzantine EmpireRoman Empire

Question 10: 341), the province of Euphratensis was created out of the territory of Syria Coele along the western bank of the ________ and the former realm of Commagene, with Hierapolis as its capital.
SumerIraqAkkadian EmpireEuphrates


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