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Syria-Lebanon Campaign: Quiz


Question 1: ________, later an Israeli General, who lost an eye while serving as an interpreter with an Australian unit.
Yitzhak RabinAriel SharonMoshe DayanShaul Mofaz

Question 2: [19] The activity of German aircraft based in Greece and the ________ was interpreted by the Allies as being in support of Vichy troops.

Question 3: A Lieutenant at the time, Cutler was awarded the British Commonwealth's highest award for gallantry, the ________ (VC), for his actions at the Battle of Merdjayoun.
Victoria Cross (Canada)Victoria CrossVictoria Cross for AustraliaVictoria Cross for New Zealand

Question 4: ________, celebrated British Special Air Service (SAS) officer.
Paddy MayneLondonBritish ArmyUnited Kingdom

Question 5: Habforce: the British 4th Cavalry Brigade and the ________, under John Glubb ("Glubb Pasha")
Royal Jordanian Land ForceJordanArab LegionDesert Force

Question 6: The operation was also to include a supporting commando landing from ________ at the south of the Litani River.

Question 7: However, it was determined that several British ________ had been sent out of Syria even after the armistice was initialled.
ExileHuman rightsSlaveryPrisoner of war

Question 8: The 5th Indian Brigade Group, commanded by ________ Wilfrid Lewis Lloyd, were ordered to cross the Syrian border from Palestine and take Quneitra and Deraa.
BrigadierMilitary rankMajor GeneralBrigadier General

Question 9: Two destroyers and three submarines of the ________ (Marine Nationale) were available to support the Vichy forces in the Levant.
Force d'action navaleFrench NavyForce océanique stratégiqueFrench aircraft carrier Charles de Gaulle (R91)

Question 10: ________ (minus the 18th Brigade, which was in North Africa at the Siege of Tobruk)
6th Division (Australia)8th Division (Australia)7th Division (Australia)9th Division (Australia)


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