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Question 1: These synthetic elements possess half-lives so short, relative to the age of the Earth, that any ________ of these elements that may have existed when the Earth formed have long since decayed away.

Question 2: This discovery filled a gap in the ________, and the fact that no stable isotopes of technetium exist explains its natural absence on Earth (and the gap).
Noble gasPeriodic table (standard)Periodic tablePeriodic table (large version)

Question 3: Only minute traces of technetium occur naturally in the Earth's crust (as a spontaneous fission product of uranium-238 or by neutron capture in ________ ores), but technetium is found naturally in red giant stars.

Question 4: ________ for natural elements is based on weighted average abundance of natural isotopes occurring in the Earth's crust and atmosphere.
Atomic massChemistryOxygenMolar mass

Question 5: ________ symbol Md, atomic number 101

Question 6: ________ symbol Uuo, atomic number 118

Question 7: ________ symbol Es, atomic number 99

Question 8: The first element discovered through synthesis was ________.

Question 9: Therefore for synthetic elements the total nucleus (protons plus neutrons) count of the most stable isotope (ie, the isotope with the longest half-life) is listed in brackets as the ________.
Atomic massMolar massChemistryOxygen

Question 10: In chemistry, the chemical elements labeled as synthetic are too unstable to be found naturally on ________.

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