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Synthetic diamond: Quiz


Question 1: [17] The "belt" press (see below) used a pyrophyllite container in which graphite was dissolved within molten nickel, ________ or iron.

Question 2: [76] Photochemical methods have been developed for covalently linking ________ to the surface of polycrystalline diamond films produced through CVD.

Question 3: Unlike most electrical insulators, pure diamond is a good conductor of heat because of the strong ________ within the crystal.
AromaticityChemical bondCovalent bondMetallic bond

Question 4: [74] High mobility is favorable for high-frequency ________.
Bipolar junction transistorMOSFETJFETField-effect transistor

Question 5: Electronic applications of synthetic diamond are being developed, including high-power switches at power stations, high-frequency ________ and light-emitting diodes.
JFETBipolar junction transistorField-effect transistorMOSFET

Question 6: Their method involved heating charcoal at up to 3500 °C with iron inside a ________ crucible in a furnace.

Question 7: In particular, CVD diamond is often contaminated by silicon originating from the ________ windows of the growth chamber or from the silicon substrate.
Silicon dioxideAmethystOpalQuartz

Question 8: [77] In addition, diamonds can be used to detect ________ reactions that cannot ordinarily be studied and in some cases degrade redox-reactive organic contaminants in water supplies.

Question 9: Consequently, synthetic diamond is widely used in ________, in cutting and polishing tools and in heat sinks.
AbrasiveAbrasive machiningCarbonSharpening stone

Question 10: The gases always include a carbon source, typically ________, and hydrogen with a typical ratio of 1:99.


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