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Question 1: For centuries, work in syntax was dominated by a framework known as grammaire générale, first expounded in 1660 by ________ in a book of the same title.
Gottfried LeibnizBlaise PascalAntoine ArnauldJansenism

Question 2: ________ (TG) (Original theory of generative syntax laid out by Chomsky in Syntactic Structures in 1957[4])
Transformational grammarGenerative grammarLinguisticsSemantics

Question 3: Initially, this view was adopted even by the early comparative linguists such as ________.
Franz BoppMainzSanskritGermany

Question 4: Many linguists see syntax as a branch of biology, since they conceive of syntax as the study of linguistic knowledge as embodied in the human ________.
AristotleGottfried LeibnizMindMonism

Question 5: The goal of generative grammar is to make a complete model of this inner language (known as ________).
Transformational grammarLinguisticsSyntaxSemantics

Question 6: Theoretical approaches to syntax that are based upon ________ are known as stochastic grammars.
StatisticsMathematical logicProbability theoryProbability distribution

Question 7:
Syntax, Preposition and postposition and Concrete syntax tree are all:
Semiotics Greek loanwords Syntax Philosophy of language

Question 8: ________) consider grammar a taxonomical device to reach broad generalizations across languages.
Altaic languagesAfroasiatic languagesJoseph GreenbergAustronesian languages

Question 9: However, in the 19th century, with the development of ________, linguists began to realize the sheer diversity of human language, and to question fundamental assumptions about the relationship between language and logic.
Morphology (linguistics)Historical linguisticsEtymologyPhonology

Question 10: The hypothesis of ________ is that language is a structure of the human mind.
SyntaxNoam ChomskyGenerative grammarTransformational grammar


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