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Synoptic Gospels: Quiz


Question 1: Scholars generally date the synoptic gospels as having been written after the epistles of Paul and before the ________.
New TestamentGospel of MatthewGospel of JohnGospel of Mark

Question 2: There is continuing debate among ________ regarding the composition of the Synoptic Gospels.
Documentary hypothesisBiblical criticismBibleHigher criticism

Question 3: The ________, the Gospel of Matthew and the Gospel of Mark are known as the Synoptic Gospels because they include many of the same stories, often in the same sequence, and sometimes the exact same wording.
New TestamentGospel of JohnActs of the ApostlesGospel of Luke

Question 4: Other hypotheses that have been proffered in order to deal with the synoptic problem include, the ________, the Lindsey hypothesis (1963), Jerusalem School hypothesis (1973), and the Logia Translation hypothesis (1998).
Birger GerhardssonOral transmission (synoptic problem)Synoptic GospelsNew Testament

Question 5: This bibliographal work names over 800 Christian works as well as 31 from ________ and 36 from Phils.
JosephusFirst Jewish–Roman WarJesusHerod the Great

Question 6: A possible fourth Synoptic Gospel is the ________.
Timeline of ChristianityGospel of the HebrewsEarly ChristianityNew Testament

Question 7: However, textual criticism has shown serious flaws with this traditional approach and it has been largely abandoned by the ________ Community.
Academic degreeAcademiaUniversityHumanities

Question 8: Traditionally, the Gospel of Matthew was seen as the first ________ written.
Apostle (Christian)GospelNew TestamentJesus

Question 9: Unlike some competing hypotheses, this hypothesis does not rely on, nor does it argue for, the existence of any document that is not explicitly mentioned in ________ testimony.
Geologic time scaleHistoryTimePeriodization

Question 10: The other ________, as well as the canonical Gospel of John, differ greatly from the three Synoptic Gospels.
Christian biblical canonsBiblical canonNew TestamentNew Testament apocrypha


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