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Synod of Dort: Quiz


Question 1: After the death of Jacob Arminius his followers presented objections to the Belgic Confession and the teaching of ________, Theodore Beza, and their followers.
Covenant theologyProtestant ReformationJohn CalvinHuldrych Zwingli

Question 2: The purpose of the Synod held in Dordrecht was to settle a controversy that had arisen in the Dutch churches following the spread of ________.
MethodismChristian theologyChristianityArminianism

Question 3: The opposing Calvinists, led by professor Franciscus Gomarus of the ________, became known as the Contra-Remonstrants.
University of OxfordUniversity of GroningenUtrecht UniversityLeiden University

Question 4: The Synod of Dort (also known as the Synod of Dordt or the Synod of Dordrecht) was a National Synod held in Dordrecht in 1618-1619, by the Dutch Reformed Church, in order to settle a serious controversy in the Dutch churches initiated by the rise of ________.
ChristianityChristian theologyArminianismMethodism


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