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Question 1: The purified ________ can have a purity greater than 99%, which makes it a good feedstock for the chemical industry.
Carbon monoxideNitric oxideNitrous oxideHydrogen sulfide

Question 2: The reject gas from the system can contain ________, nitrogen, methane, ethane and hydrogen.
Carbon sinkCarbon dioxideGreenhouse gasCarbon cycle

Question 3: Coal gasification processes were used for many years to manufacture illuminating gas (coal gas) for gas lighting and to some extent, heating, before ________ and the natural gas infrastructure became widely available.
Gas-discharge lampElectric lightIncandescent light bulbSodium-vapor lamp

Question 4:
Syngas, Air pollution and Thermodynamics are all:
Chemical engineering Coal Synthetic fuels Fuel gas

Question 5:
Syngas, Methane and Propane are all:
Synthetic fuels Chemical engineering Fuel gas Coal

Question 6: Certain process technology selectively removes carbon monoxide by complexation/decomplexation of ________ with cuprous aluminum chloride (CuAlCl4), dissolved in an organic liquid such as toluene.
Nitrous oxideHydrogen sulfideNitric oxideCarbon monoxide

Question 7: Syngas (from synthesis gas) is the name given to a gas mixture that contains varying amounts of ________ and hydrogen.
Nitric oxideHydrogen sulfideNitrous oxideCarbon monoxide

Question 8: Syngas consists primarily of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and very often some ________, and has less than half the energy density of natural gas.
Greenhouse gasCarbon sinkCarbon dioxideCarbon cycle

Question 9:
When used as an intermediate in the large-scale, industrial synthesis of hydrogen (principally used in the production of ammonia), it is also produced from ________ (via the steam reforming reaction) as follows:
Energy developmentNatural gasPetroleumCoal

Question 10:
Syngas, Coal and Peat are all:
Chemical engineering Fuel gas Synthetic fuels Coal


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