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Symptom: Quiz


Question 1: decrease: Anorexia________/Cachexia/Underweight
ICD-10 Chapter XVIII: Symptoms, signs and abnormal clinical and laboratory findingsWeight gainWeight lossIdiopathic short stature

Question 2: Dyskinesia: ________ (Cerebellar ataxia/Dysmetria, Sensory ataxia)
TremorAtaxiaRestless legs syndromeIntention tremor

Question 3: Another specific example is ________ as constitutional symptom of colorectal cancer, caused by chronic occult bleeding.
Sickle-cell diseasePlummer-Vinson syndromeIron deficiency anemiaSerum iron

Question 4: Other features can only be signs, such as a blood cell count measured in a ________.
Medical laboratoryPathologyMedical Laboratory ScientistMicrobiology

Question 5: For example, ________ may show a paraneoplastic syndrome, mediated by humoral factors (by hormones or cytokines) excreted by tumor cells or by an immune response against the tumor.

Question 6: Examples include ________, shaking, chills, fever, malaise and vomiting.
UnderweightCachexiaWeight gainWeight loss

Question 7: heat: ________ (Fever of unknown origin, Drug-induced fever) • Hyperhidrosis (e.g., Sleep Hyperhidrosis; "Sweating") • HyperpyrexiaHyperthermia
FeverInfluenza-like illnessFatigue (medical)Headache

Question 8: For example, a sudden loss of sight in one ________ has a significantly smaller number of possible causes than nausea does.
BrainEyeNervous systemSensory system

Question 9: For example, a skin ________ may be noticed by either a healthcare professional as a sign, or by the patient as a symptom.


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