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Symbolism (arts): Quiz


Question 1: In Romania, symbolists directly influenced by French poetry first gained influence in the 1880s, when ________ reunited a group of young poets around his magazine Literatorul.
Ion Luca CaragialeAlexandru MacedonskiMateiu CaragialeSămănătorul

Question 2: ________ (1888-1965)
T. S. EliotThe Waste LandFour QuartetsThe Hollow Men

Question 3: Symbolism Gustave Moreau, Puvis de Chavannes, ________
Odilon RedonGeorges SeuratHenri RousseauCubism

Question 4: In the English-speaking world, the closest counterpart to symbolism was ________.
AestheticismArthur SchopenhauerRomanticismImmanuel Kant

Question 5: Pierre Louÿs founded La conque, a periodical whose symbolist leanings were alluded to by ________ in his story Pierre Menard, Author of the Quixote.
Buenos AiresTlön, Uqbar, Orbis TertiusJorge Luis BorgesArgentina

Question 6: Richard Strauss's 1905 opera Salomé, based on the play by ________, uses a subject frequently depicted by symbolist artists.
Lord Alfred DouglasWillie WildeOscar WildeEdgar Allan Poe

Question 7: The ________ were contemporaries of the earlier symbolists, and have much in common with them.
Realism (visual arts)Academic artPre-Raphaelite BrotherhoodRomanticism

Question 8: The aesthetic was developed by Stephane Mallarmé and ________ during the 1860s and '70s.
Charles BaudelaireStéphane MallarméFrench poetryPaul Verlaine

Question 9: [2] Many symbolist poets, including Stephane Mallarmé and ________, published early works in Le Parnasse contemporain, the poetry anthologies that gave Parnassianism its name.
French poetryStéphane MallarméCharles BaudelairePaul Verlaine

Question 10: ________' 1884 novel À rebours (English title: Against Nature) explored many themes that became associated with the symbolist aesthetic.
Joris-Karl HuysmansAuguste Villiers de l'Isle-AdamJules Amédée Barbey d'AurevillySymbolism (arts)


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