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Sylvester (Looney Tunes): Quiz


Question 1: Kitty Kornered (1946), a ________ cartoon in which a black-nosed, yellow-eyed Sylvester was teamed with three other cats to oust homeowner Porky Pig.
Bugs BunnyWarner Bros. CartoonsLooney TunesBob Clampett

Question 2: In ________ Sylvester's descendent is Sylth Vester, a hitman hired by the villain, Queen Granicus to kill the Royal Tweetums so she won't have to lose her throne.
AnimaniacsTiny Toon AdventuresDuck Dodgers (TV series)Loonatics Unleashed

Question 3: Sylvester was #33 on ________'s list of top 50 best cartoon characters, together with Tweety.
Smithsonian (magazine)Seventeen (magazine)TV GuideBetter Homes and Gardens (magazine)

Question 4: Incidentally, although the character was named Sylvester in later cartoon shorts (beginning with 1948's Scaredy Cat), he was called "Thomas" in his first appearance with ________ in Tweetie Pie.
TweetyBugs BunnyDaffy DuckSylvester (Looney Tunes)

Question 5: In a Garfield cartoon, he made a cameo by sending ________ a love letter.
Garfield and FriendsGarfield: The MovieGarfield (character)Garfield

Question 6: Freleng's 1947 cartoon Tweetie Pie was the first pairing of Tweety with Sylvester, and the ________-directed Kitty Kornered (1946) was Sylvester's first pairing with Porky Pig.
Warner Bros. CartoonsBob ClampettLooney TunesBugs Bunny

Question 7: The Scarlet Pumpernickel (1950), a Chuck Jones cartoon in which Sylvester plays the ________-like villain to Daffy Duck's Errol Flynn-esque hero.
Basil RathboneNigel BruceHumphrey BogartSherlock Holmes (1939 film series)

Question 8: Sylvester appears as part of the TuneSquad team in ________, bearing the number 9 on his shirt.
Space JamTweety's High-Flying AdventureBah, Humduck! A Looney Tunes ChristmasWho Framed Roger Rabbit

Question 9: (One cartoon episode The Wild Chase paired Sylvester and Wile E. Coyote against the Road Runner and ________.
Bugs BunnySpeedy GonzalesMarvin the MartianWile E. Coyote and Road Runner

Question 10: His character is basically that of ________ while chasing mice or birds.
Looney TunesDaffy DuckBugs BunnyWile E. Coyote and Road Runner

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