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Question 1: In common with most other Maya scholars, Morley was particularly interested in the mysterious nature of the ________.
Maya scriptMaya civilizationYuri KnorozovMayan languages

Question 2: ________ is about 120km (75 miles) southeast of Mérida, on the inland plains of north-central Yucatán.
CalakmulChichen ItzaPalenqueUxmal

Question 3: He wrote a popular series of articles about the Maya and various Maya sites in the ________.
National Geographic (magazine)Cosmopolitan (magazine)PlayboyNational Geographic Society

Question 4: His family moved to ________ when Sylvanus was ten years old, and his secondary education was completed at Buena Vista and Colorado Springs.

Question 5: Morley also conducted ________ in Mexico on behalf of the United States during World War I, but the scope of those activities only came to light well after his death.
Clandestine HUMINT asset recruitingEspionageIntelligence (information gathering)Clandestine HUMINT

Question 6: Morley, was at the time vice-president and professor of chemistry, mathematics and tactics at ________ (PMC).
Widener UniversityEastern University (United States)Swarthmore CollegeVillanova University

Question 7: Morley rediscovered the last of these sites (located in the Petén Basin region of ________, to the north of Tikal).
GuatemalaCosta RicaMexicoNicaragua

Question 8: Morley was in fact the older maternal cousin to the first, born February 23, 1878, in Baldwinville, Worcester County, ________.
MassachusettsRhode IslandMaineConnecticut

Question 9: One notable critic was the famous anthropologist ________, whose letter of protest was published in the December 20, 1919 edition of The Nation.
Franz BoasGottfried LeibnizStructuralismNoam Chomsky

Question 10: By the mid-1970s, it had become increasingly clear to most that the Maya ________ was a logosyllabic one, a mixture of logograms and phonetic components that included a fully functional syllabary.
Arabic alphabetWriting systemAlphabetLatin alphabet


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