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Question 1: His movement posed a threat to Maharaja Ranjit Singh's Sikh Kingdom after it inflicted defeats on Sikh troops as well as recapturing Peshawar, ________ and surrounding towns and villages.

Question 2: Syed Ahmed himself and his chief officer, Shah Ismail Shaheed, the grandson of ________, were both killed as well.
Shah WaliullahIslamShia IslamIslamic philosophy

Question 3: His defeat ended the dream of establishing an Islamic state in ________, now Pakistan.

Question 4: Syed Ahmad was the student of Shah Abdul Aziz and was influenced by him and his father Shah Waliullah and toured ________ and the areas occupied by the Sikhs raising the banner of Jihad and rallying the Pashtun tribes to his banner.
AfghanistanNon-Aligned MovementCentral Intelligence AgencyNATO

Question 5: Syed Ahmad bin Muhammad as-Shaheed of Rai Bareilly (b.1786 - d.1831), was from Rae Bareli, ________
IndiaIndia and the Non-Aligned MovementLok SabhaResearch and Analysis Wing

Question 6: He was betrayed by some locals and was killed by the Sikhs along with hundreds of his troops and followers in Balakot, ________ in 1831.
Mansehra DistrictKaghanDhodialBehali

Question 7: Syed Ahmad Shaheed was from a family of Hasani Syeds, distantly related to the family of ________.
Shah WaliullahShia IslamIslamic philosophyIslam

Question 8: He was born near ________, in the town of Rae Bareli (Bareli).
PilibhitUttar PradeshLucknowKanpur


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