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Sword of Mana: Quiz


Question 1: Notably, the remake adapted many elements from the original game, which had their origin in Final Fantasy, and favored elements traditional to Mana games (for example, the ________ was replaced by cannon travel).
ChocoboChocobo (series)Mana (series)Final Fantasy Fables: Chocobo's Dungeon

Question 2: [9] It received fairly mediocre reviews upon its release, holding a 72 out of 100 on both Game Rankings and ________.
Download.comGameSpotMetacriticCBS Corporation

Question 3: These characters may be used by the player in battle or allowed to run through somewhat-configurable ________ (AI).
Daniel DennettKarl PopperArtificial intelligenceRené Descartes

Question 4: This remake was released on the ________ in 2003.
Game Boy Advance SPGame Boy AdvanceGame Boy MicroNintendo DS

Question 5: Sword of Mana was made to resemble the graphical style of Seiken Densetsu 3, but the artwork rather resembles that of ________.
Legend of ManaMana (series)Heroes of ManaSecret of Mana

Question 6: One notable exception to this are ________, which do appear in the game.
Final FantasyCharacters of Final Fantasy VIIICharacter design of Final FantasyFinal Fantasy character classes

Question 7: In Japan, a special edition "Mana Blue"-colored ________ was released, packaged with Sword of Mana and a carrying case.
Game Boy MicroGame Boy lineGame Boy Advance SPNintendo DS Lite

Question 8: The ring system from ________ is featured once again, allowing players to choose various options on the field screen.
Final Fantasy IVSecret of ManaFinal Fantasy IIILegend of Mana


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