Sword: Quiz


Question 1: A sword fundamentally consists of a ________ and a hilt, typically with one or two edges for striking and cutting, and a point for thrusting.

Question 2: 900 CE (see ________).
Japanese swordTantōKatanaJapanese sword mountings

Question 3: What does the following picture show?

  In Japanese mythology, Inari and her Kitsune (fox spirits) help the blacksmith Munechika forge the blade kogitsune-maru (Little Fox) in the late 10th century. This legend is the subject of the noh drama Sanjo Kokaji.
  The hilt of the 18th century smallsword used by Captain John Paul Schott in the American Revolutionary War.
  Katana of the 16th or 17th century, with its saya.

Question 4: Curtana, or Sword of Mercy, or Edward the Confessor's Sword, is a symbolically broken sword that is part of the ________.
CoronationCrown of ScotlandCrown Jewels of the United KingdomHonours of Scotland

Question 5: Philippan - Sword given to Marc Antony by ________.
Cleopatra VIIPtolemy XIII Theos PhilopatorPtolemy I SoterPtolemy II Philadelphus

Question 6: The ida of the Yoruba tribe of ________.
North AfricaNigeriaEuropeWest Africa

Question 7: Humans have manufactured and used metal bladed weapons from the ________ onwards.
Bronze Age BritainBronze AgeDeverel-Rimbury cultureAncient Near East

Question 8: ________ swords became increasingly common from the 13th century BC.

Question 9: What does the following picture show?

  A sword on the Flag of Saudi Arabia.
  Graphical documentation of the Szczerbiec, a sword that was traditionally used in the coronation ceremony of Polish kings, 12th/13th century.
  Aztec Warrior holding a Macahuitl, a sword that is wooden but has obsidian shards in the blade.
  British Major Jack Churchill (far right) leads a training exercise, sword in hand, from a Eureka boat in World War II.

Question 10: The Sword of ________, from the Harry Potter series.
Hogwarts staffHarry Potter universeDeath EaterMagical creatures (Harry Potter)

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