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Swithun: Quiz


Question 1: He was moved from his grave to an indoor shrine in the Old Minster at ________ in 971.
Colden CommonBishop's WalthamWinchesterHursley

Question 2: As he was Bishop of Winchester, there are many dedications to Saint Swithun at churches throughout the south of ________, especially in Hampshire.
ScotlandEnglandUnited KingdomWales

Question 3: James Raine suggested that the legend was derived from the tremendous downpour of rain that occurred, according to the ________ chroniclers, on Saint Swithun's Day, 1315.
Newcastle upon TynePeterboroughDurhamChester

Question 4: In ________, Saint Medard (8 June), Urban of Langres, and Saint Gervase and Saint Protais (19 June) are credited with an influence on the weather almost identical with that attributed to St Swithun in England.
United KingdomItalyCanadaFrance

Question 5: 862) was an Anglo-Saxon ________ whose historical importance as bishop is overshadowed by his reputation for posthumous miracle-working.
Cyril GarbettEdward Stuart TalbotBishop of WinchesterAlwyn Williams

Question 6: From this writer we learn that Saint Swithun was born in the reign of ________, and was ordained priest by Helmstan, bishop of Winchester (838-c.
Ceolwulf I of MerciaEgbert of WessexCoenwulf of MerciaPenda of Mercia

Question 7: His death is entered in the Canterbury manuscript of the ________ (MS F) under the year 861.
Anglo-Saxon ChronicleAnglo-SaxonsWessexAlfred the Great

Question 8: Around the middle of July, the ________ settles into a pattern which, in the majority of years, holds reasonably steady until the end of August.
WindRainJet streamTropical cyclone

Question 9: More than a hundred years later, when ________ and Æthelwold of Winchester were inaugurating their church reform, Saint Swithun was adopted as patron of the restored church at Winchester, formerly dedicated to Saint Peter and Saint Paul.
John KempDunstanMellitusWilliam Laud

Question 10: William of Malmesbury adds that, if Bishop Ealhstan of ________ was Æthelwulf's minister for temporal matters, Saint Swithun was the minister for spiritual matters.
Blandford ForumWimborne MinsterDorchester, DorsetSherborne


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