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Question 1: A resonant forward converter produces the lowest EMI of any SMPS approach because it uses a soft-switching ________ waveform compared with conventional hard switching topologies.
Mechanical resonanceResonanceResonatorQ factor

Question 2: If a DC source, an inductor, a switch, and the corresponding ________ are placed in series and the switch is driven by a square wave, the voltage waveform measured across the switch will also be a square wave.
Antenna (radio)AC power plugs and socketsMains electricityGround (electricity)

Question 3: The switching is implemented as a multistage (to achieve high gain) ________ amplifier.
Integrated circuitMOSFETSemiconductor deviceBipolar junction transistor

Question 4: In contrast, a switched-mode power supply regulates either output voltage or current by switching ideal storage elements, like inductors and ________, into and out of different electrical configurations.
Electrical impedanceCapacitanceCapacitorElectronic component

Question 5: For example, in some TV-models made by ________, the power supply starts when the voltage reaches around 90 V.
ING GroupHeineken InternationalPhilipsTomTom

Question 6: Power supplies which use capacitors suffering from the ________ may experience premature failure when the capacitance degrades to 4% of the original value.
MotherboardCapacitor plagueElectrolytic capacitorCentral processing unit

Question 7: As a result, the input current of such basic switched mode power supplies has high ________ content and relatively low power factor.
HarmonicOctavePerfect fourthUnison

Question 8: The output voltage of a ________ is always greater than the input voltage and the buck-boost output voltage is inverted but can be greater than, equal to, or less than the magnitude of its input voltage.
Boost converterSwitched-mode power supplyDiodeBuck converter

Question 9: A switched-mode power supply (switching-mode power supply/SMPS, or simply switcher) is an electronic ________ unit (PSU) that incorporates a switching regulator in order to provide the required output voltage.
Power supplyTransformerVoltage regulatorElectricity

Question 10: [21] Larger ________ use 24 V DC.
AutomobileSemi-trailer truckCaterpillar Inc.Truck


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