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Swiss People's Party: Quiz


Question 1: The SVP supports ________.
Laissez-faireCapitalismKeynesian economicsSupply-side economics

Question 2: In general, the party supports strengthening crime prevention measures against social crimes and, especially in the areas of social welfare policy and education policy, a return to ________.

Question 3: These conflicts escalated in the context of the ________.
Swiss Federal Council election, 2007Swiss federal election, 2003SwitzerlandSwiss federal election, 2007

Question 4: In 1971 the BAE merged with the Democratic parties of ________ and Grisons (founded 1942) and became the SVP.
AarauGlarusLucerneSt. Gallen

Question 5: According to the SVP, the racism penalty and anti-racism commission should be abolished in the interest of ________.
Freedom of speechHuman rightsFreedom of thoughtFreedom of information

Question 6: The army shall remain a ________ force and should never expand its role to include foreign interventions.
British EmpireMilitiaCanadaUnited States

Question 7: Numerous SVP members have shown themselves to be ________ by having participated in the minaret controversy, during which they pushed for an initiative to ban the construction of minarets.
Shia IslamIslamophobiaIslamic theologyCriticism of Islam

Question 8: There was a move away from the popular base of farmers towards urban conservatives and ________, along with constant attacks on foreign residents and the propaganda of Überfremdung.
Friedrich von HayekFree marketClassical liberalismNeoliberalism

Question 9: The party complains about the excessive influence of anti-authoritarian ideas originating from the ________.
Counterculture of the 1960sParisProtests of 1968Civil rights movement

Question 10: As of 2007 the party is strongest in Thurgau and Schwyz (both over 40% popular support), and weakest in Fribourg, Valais and ________.


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