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Swing bowling: Quiz


Question 1: To induce the pressure-gradient force the bowler must create regions of high and low ________ on opposing sides of the ball.
Static pressurePitot-static systemFluid dynamicsBernoulli's principle

Question 2: Swing bowling is a technique used for bowling in the sport of ________.
Olympic GamesCricketBat-and-ball gamesIndoor cricket

Question 3: An inswinger presents relatively fewer dangers to the batsman, but can result in bowled or ________ dismissals if the batsman misjudges the swing on the ball.
Leg before wicketStump (cricket)CricketDismissal (cricket)

Question 4: An inside edge can ricochet on to the wicket, resulting in him being out bowled, while an outside edge can fly to the ________ or slip fielders for a catch.
Wicket-keeperFielding (cricket)Adam GilchristFast bowling

Question 5: The ________ utilises the same force but by manipulating spin across the direction of motion.
PaintballLift (force)VolleyballMagnus effect

Question 6: Swing bowling is generally classed as a subtype of ________.
Bowling (cricket)Spin bowlingOff spinFast bowling

Question 7: The essence of swing bowling is to get the cricket ball to deviate sideways as it moves through the air towards or away from the ________.
Batting (cricket)Donald BradmanRicky PontingKevin Pietersen


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