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Swedish language: Quiz


Question 1: The letter à is used to refer to unit cost (a loan from the French), equivalent to the ________ (@) in English.
At signOrdinal indicatorGuillemetsApostrophe

Question 2:
Who of the following spoke at the Swedish language?
~ 10 million

Question 3: Perfect and present ________ as adjectival verbs are very common:
InfinitivePreposition and postpositionParticipleFrequentative

Question 4:
Swedish language, Finland Swedish and Finland's language strife are all:
Languages of Sweden Languages of Finland Scandinavia Finland Swedish

Question 5: ________ are inflected in two declensions — indefinite and definite — and they must match the noun they modify in gender and number.
VerbAdjectivePreposition and postpositionAdverb

Question 6: According to the 2000 ________, some 67,000 people over the age of five were reported as Swedish speakers, though without any information on actual language proficiency.
United States Census BureauDelawareVirginiaUnited States Census

Question 7:
What region does Swedish language belong to?
northern Cameroon, eastern Nigeria
Burkina Faso, northern Ghana and Togo
Northern Europe, parts of America and other countries.
northern Illinois, Southern Wisconsin

Question 8: The dialects are called runic because the main body of text appears in the ________.
Germanic paganismGermanic peoplesRunic alphabetElder Futhark

Question 9: Swedish has 9 vowels that make up 17 ________ in most varieties and dialects (short /e/ and /ɛ/ coincide).
PhonologyEnglish languagePhonemeEnglish orthography

Question 10:
What family does Swedish language belong to?

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