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Question 1: In modern Scandinavian, the adjectival form svensk and its plural svenskar have replaced the name svear and is, today, used to denote all the citizens of ________.

Question 2: For a continuation, see ________.
SwedenHistory of Sweden (1523–1611)History of SwedenHistory of Sweden (800–1521)

Question 3: Some historias have maintained that it is not possible to claim that a continuous Swedish ________ reaches back to the Suiones of Tacitus[3].
Ethnic groupSouth Asian ethnic groupsIndigenous peoplesMores

Question 4: The form Suiones appears in the Roman author ________'s Germania.
Roman EmpireDomitianTacitusVespasian

Question 5: Tacitus wrote in AD 98 in Germania 44, 45 that the Suiones were a powerful tribe (distinguished not merely for their arms and men, but for their powerful fleets) with ships that had a prow in both ends (________).
Herring BussLongshipYoalTall ship

Question 6: The form *Swihoniz would in Wulfila's Gothic become *Swaíhans, which later would result in the form Suehans that Jordanes mentioned as the name of the Swedes in ________.
OstrogothsGeticaRoman EmpireGoths

Question 7: Although, scholars differ on the origins of the name, they agree that Suiones is the same name as ________ svíar and Old English Sweon(as).
Old Norse morphologyNorth Germanic languagesOld NorseGermanic languages

Question 8: Fearful of returning home via the steppes, which would leave them vulnerable to attacks by the Magyars, these Rhos travelled through ________.

Question 9: The only Germanic nation having a similar naming was the ________, who from the name *Gutans (cf.
Germanic peoplesWielbark cultureVandalsGoths

Question 10: The earliest instance, however, appears to be Suetidi in Jordanes' ________ (6th century).
Roman EmpireGeticaGothsOstrogoths


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