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Swayambhunath: Quiz


Question 1: Between them, there is something painted which looks like the nose - but is the Nepali symbol of 'unity', in the main ________ dialect.
Hindustani languageNepali languageSanskritHindi

Question 2:
Swayambhunath, Nepal and Kathmandu are all:
Tibetan Buddhist places Buddhist pilgrimages Buddhist temples in Nepal Newar

Question 3: The thirteen pinnacles on the top of it symbolises that sensient beings have to go through the thirteen stages of enlightenment to reach ________.
BuddhismBuddhahoodMahayanaBuddhism and Hinduism

Question 4: Many ________ can be found surrounding this stupa
PrimateMonkeyOld World monkeyHominidae

Question 5: ________ with 27 year old dreadlocks

Question 6:
Swayambhunath, Kukri and Kumari (children) are all:
Tibetan Buddhist places Stupas Nepalese culture Buddhist temples in Nepal

Question 7: [1] For the Buddhist ________ in whose mythological history and origin myth as well as day-to-day religious practice, Swayambhunath occupies a central position, it is probably the most sacred among Buddhist pilgrimage sites.
Nepal BhasaNewa peopleClassical Nepal BhasaKathmandu

Question 8: The Swayambhunath complex consists of a ________, a variety of shrines and temples, some dating back to the Licchavi period.
BuddhismBuddhist artGreco-BuddhismStupa

Question 9: Swayambhunath, is among the oldest religious sites in ________.

Question 10: Much of Swayambhunath's iconography comes from the ________ tradition of Newar Buddhism.
Lineage (Buddhism)VajrayanaTibetan BuddhismSamaya

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