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Swatantra Party: Quiz


Question 1: Elections - 1937Elections - 1952Chief Ministership________C. R. formulaHereditary Education PolicySwatantra PartyKurai Onrum Illai
C. RajagopalachariJustice Party (India)Anti-Hindi agitations of Tamil NaduC. N. Annadurai

Question 2: It received 6.8% of the total votes and 18 seats in the third ________ (1962-67).
Rajya SabhaIndiaIndian nationalismLok Sabha

Question 3: The Swatantra Party (swatantra meaning 'free' or 'independent' in Sanskrit) was a political party in India founded by ________ and N. G. Ranga in August, 1959.
Abul Kalam AzadC. RajagopalachariK. KamarajJawaharlal Nehru

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