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Swaraj: Quiz


Question 1: [4 ] The Bhoodan movement which presaged land reform legislation activity throughout India, ultimately leading to India discarding the ________, was also inspired by the ideas of Swaraj.
ZamindarSindhPakistanMughal Empire

Question 2: Gandhi also decided to popularise the ________ in India to make hand-spun cloth out of Khadi.
Spinning wheelWeavingSpinning (textiles)Textile manufacturing

Question 3: And in its fullest sense, Swaraj is much more than freedom from all restraints, it is self-rule, self-restraint and could be equated with moksha or ________.

Question 4:
Swaraj, Social network and Public good are all:
Anarchist theory Community building Philosophical movements Gandhism

Question 5: Gandhi was undaunted by the task of implementing such a ________ vision in India.

Question 6:
Swaraj, Marxism and Age of Enlightenment are all:
Anarchist theory Community building Philosophical movements Gandhism

Question 7:
Swaraj, Satyagraha and Salt Satyagraha are all:
Gandhism Anarchist theory Community building Philosophical movements

Question 8: Swaraj can mean generally self-governance or "home-rule" (swa- "self", raj- "rule") but the word usually refers to ________'s concept for Indian independence from foreign domination.
Mohandas Karamchand GandhiC. RajagopalachariJawaharlal NehruAbul Kalam Azad

Question 9: Critics include ________ (who said that only a constitutional struggle could lead to independence; see Proposed Indian Round Table Conference 1922) and Rabindranath Tagore.
Pakistan MovementFatima JinnahLucknow PactMuhammad Ali Jinnah

Question 10: ________ later dismissed it as "completely unreal" and declared that neither he nor the Congress had ever considered the picture presented in it.
C. RajagopalachariPurushottam Das TandonAbul Kalam AzadJawaharlal Nehru


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