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Question 1: "Swanee" is an American popular song written in 1919 by ________, with lyrics by Irving Caesar.
Ira GershwinPorgy and BessBlue Monday (opera)George Gershwin

Question 2: Jolson then put it into his show Sinbad, already a success at the Winter Garden Theatre, and recorded it for ________ in January 1920.
Sony Music EntertainmentLegacy RecordingsRCA RecordsColumbia Records

Question 3: [3] It sold a million ________ copies, and an estimated two million records.
Chord chartMusical notationSheet musicChoir

Question 4: The song was written for a ________ revue called Demi-Tasse, which opened in October 1919 in the Capitol Theater.
New York metropolitan areaNew York CityManhattanBrooklyn

Question 5: It is most often associated with singer ________.
Frank SinatraUnited StatesBing CrosbyAl Jolson

Question 6: [1] ________ performs the song on his 2007 album, Rufus Does Judy at Carnegie Hall.
Rufus WainwrightPoses (album)Release the StarsRufus Wainwright discography

Question 7: Caesar and Gershwin, who was then aged 20, claimed to have written the song in about ten minutes riding on a bus in ________, and then at Gershwin's apartment.
ManhattanStaten IslandNew York CityBrooklyn

Question 8: It was written partly as a parody of Stephen Foster's "________".
MississippiAfrican AmericanOld Folks at HomeAmerican Civil War

Question 9: Although usually associated with Jolson, "Swanee" has been recorded by many other singers, most notably ________ in A Star Is Born.
Marilyn MonroeFred AstaireJudy GarlandLife with Judy Garland: Me and My Shadows

Question 10: Jolson recorded the song several times in his career, and performed it in the movies ________ (1946), Rhapsody in Blue (1946), and Jolson Sings Again (1949).
Academy Award for Best SoundThe Jolson StoryAl JolsonAcademy Award for Best Original Score


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