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Swami: Quiz


Question 1: The word also means 'husband' in a more distant language, the ________, where it is spelled 'Suami'.
Malay languageMalaysiaIndonesian languageJavanese language

Question 2: Swami is also a surname shortened from ________, a sub-denomination of Hinduism.
Gunatitanand SwamiSwaminarayan HinduismSwaminarayan SampradaySwaminarayan

Question 3: This surname was given by ________, the founder of the Swaminarayan denomination.ex.
Swaminarayan SampradaySwaminarayan HinduismGunatitanand SwamiSwaminarayan

Question 4: It is a title added to one's name to emphasize learning and mastery of ________, devotion to the gods, and devotion to the swami's spiritual master (a guru or another swami).
Swami VivekanandaYogaRaja YogaBhagavad Gita

Question 5: It is derived from ________ and means "He who knows and is the master of himself", "owner of oneself", or "free from the senses".

Question 6: In the ________, the word (pronounced ['ʃami]), while carrying its original meaning, has a dual meaning of 'husband'.
UrduBengali languageSanskritGujarati language


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