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Swallowtail butterfly: Quiz


Question 1: The adults are often tailed like the forked tail of some ________, giving the insect its name.
Common House MartinBarn SwallowSwallowDelichon

Question 2: Some of these attractive butterflies are therefore considered pests in ________ orchards.
Orange (fruit)GrapefruitCitronCitrus

Question 3: The Oregon Swallowtail is the state insect of Oregon; the eastern tiger swallowtail is the state insect of Virginia and the state butterfly of Georgia, ________, and South Carolina.
DelawareNew JerseyMarylandConnecticut

Question 4: Most notably, their ________ possess a unique organ behind their heads, called the osmeterium.

Question 5: The largest of these, the ________ butterflies are particularly sought after and are cultured in butterfly farms for the purpose of collectors.
LepidopteraBirdwingSwallowtail butterflyAristolochia

Question 6: They are unique in the family to use the ________ as their larval host plants.
FabaceaeLegumeFaboideaeFlowering plant

Question 7: The Swallowtail butterflies in the tribe Papilionini number about 225 species and studied have been made on their host-plant ________ and phylogeny.
ParasitismFlowerCoevolutionCharles Darwin

Question 8: An additional subfamily, Praepapilioninae, has a single extinct member known only from a ________.
GeologyPaleontologyGeologic time scaleFossil

Question 9: The family includes the largest butterflies in the world, the birdwing butterflies of ________ (genus Ornithoptera).
United KingdomAustraliaBarbadosCanada

Question 10: Swallowtail butterflies are large, colorful ________ that form the family Papilionidae.

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