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Sviatoslav I of Kiev: Quiz


Question 1: His greatest success was the conquest of Khazaria, which for centuries had been one of the strongest states of ________.
Eastern EuropeBalkansCentral EuropeWestern Europe

Question 2: The Rus' had an interest in removing the Khazar hold on the ________ because the Khazars collected duties from the goods transported by the Volga.
Volga trade routeKylfingsTrade route from the Varangians to the GreeksStaraya Ladoga

Question 3: Golden, P.B. "Rus." ________ (Brill Online).
Middle EastArabic languageTurkish languageEncyclopaedia of Islam

Question 4: Proceeding by the Oka and Volga rivers, he invaded ________ and exacted tribute from the local population, thus bringing under Kievan control the upper Volga River.
KhazarsVolga BulgariaRussiaGolden Horde

Question 5: Sviatoslav destroyed the Khazar city of Sarkel around 965, and possibly sacked (but did not occupy) the Khazar city of Kerch on the ________.
CrimeaNakhchivanGagauziaSouth Ossetia

Question 6: This was in line with the policy outlined by ________ Porphyrogenitus in De Administrando Imperio of fomenting strife between the Rus' and the Pechenegs.
Constantine VIILeo VI the WiseRomanos INikephoros II

Question 7: His decade-long reign over Rus' was marked by rapid expansion into the Volga River valley, the Pontic steppe and the ________.
Western EuropeEuropeBalkansEastern Europe

Question 8: The reports described the 13-meter tall statue as depicting a Rus' cavalryman trampling a supine Khazar bearing a ________.
KabbalahJewsStar of DavidHexagram

Question 9: He wore a single large gold earring bearing a ruby and two ________.

Question 10: Although Ibn Haukal reports Sviatoslav's sack of Samandar in modern-day Dagestan, the Rus' leader did not bother to occupy the Khazar heartlands north of the ________ permanently.
AlpsCaucasus MountainsHindu KushUral Mountains


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