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Sustainable agriculture: Quiz


Question 1: [3] Practices that can cause long-term damage to soil include excessive tillage (leading to ________) and irrigation without adequate drainage (leading to salinization).
ErosionDuneMouth barRiver delta

Question 2: Additionally, ________ crops show promise for radically increasing crop yields[citation needed], although many people and governments are apprehensive of this new farming method.
EvolutionGenetically modified organismGenetic engineeringGenetically modified food

Question 3: [8] To note that it may not have been slash-and-burn so much as slash-and-char, which with the addition of organic matter produces ________, one of the richest soils on Earth and the only one that regenerates itself.
Amazon RainforestAgricultureCarbonTerra preta

Question 4: growing legume crops and forages such as peanuts or ________ that form symbioses with nitrogen-fixing bacteria called rhizobia

Question 5: Universidad Bolivariana de Venezuela, ________-Ciudad Bolivar-Coro-Maracaibo, Venezuela
Mexico CityBuenos AiresCaracasSão Paulo

Question 6: It may also generate negative ________, such as pollution as well as financial and production costs.
ExternalityEconomicsPublic goodEnvironmental economics

Question 7: However, this progress has come at a price, in that in many areas where this has occurred, such as the ________, the water is being used at a greater rate than its rate of recharge.
KansasOgallala AquiferGreat PlainsColorado

Question 8: However, others have theorized that sustainable ________, or ecovillages which combine habitation and farming with close proximity between producers and consumers, may provide greater sustainability[citation needed].
Sustainable citySustainable designSustainable transportBiofuel

Question 9: ________ from legumes, for example, used in conjunction with plants that rely on nitrate from soil for growth, helps to allow the land to be reused annually.
Nitrogen fixationRoot noduleActinorhizal plantRhizobia

Question 10: An example of a case in which a global view may be warranted is over-application of synthetic fertilizer or animal manures, which can improve productivity of a farm but can pollute nearby rivers and coastal waters (________).
Marine pollutionWater pollutionSurface runoffEutrophication


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