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Suspension of disbelief: Quiz


Question 1: Self-reference: One problem the theory suggests is apparent in characters' ________ — when a character addresses the audience directly or otherwise realizes that he is a character in a work of fiction.
ConsciousnessFriedrich NietzscheSelf (philosophy)Self-awareness

Question 2: One contemporary example of suspension of disbelief is the audience's acceptance that ________ hides his identity from the world by simply donning a pair of glasses, conservative clothing, and acting in a "mild-mannered" fashion.
Supergirl (Kara Zor-El)Superboy (Kon-El)SupermanDarkseid

Question 3: Another circle of fiction was created by Matt Groening when ________ appeared as a television show on The Simpsons and vice versa.
Family GuyFuturamaFuturama: The Beast with a Billion BacksFuturama: Bender's Big Score

Question 4: The movie ________ also has a classic reference where the actors literally address the audience during the beginnings of the movie as the plot is explained.
Blazing SaddlesThe Producers (1968 film)SpaceballsSpaceballs: The Animated Series

Question 5: Tolkien challenges this concept in his essay "On Fairy-Stories", choosing instead the paradigm of subcreation based on internal ________ of reality.
ConsistencyAxiomMathematical logicFirst-order logic

Question 6: Except in the case of ________, no one viewing these films sees the real world without color, but they are still willing to suspend disbelief and accept the images in order to be entertained.
AchromatopsiaRetinitis pigmentosaColor blindnessMonochromacy

Question 7: The character of ________ guest-starred in an episode of Full House as well as an episode of Step by Step.
Steve UrkelCarl WinslowFamily MattersEddie Winslow

Question 8: Suspension of disbelief is also supposed to be essential for the enjoyment of many ________ and TV shows involving complex stunts, special effects, and seemingly "unrealistic" plots, characterizations, etc.
FilmMovie theaterIndependent filmFilmmaking

Question 9: Another example where suspended disbelief is said to be necessary is ________ professional wrestling.
The UndertakerAdam CopelandKayfabeShawn Michaels

Question 10: Problems are also noticeable in Friends where celebrities such as Winona Ryder and ________ are mentioned by name and later appear playing characters other than themselves.
James GarnerMichael J. FoxCarroll O'ConnorBruce Willis

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