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Question 1: In 1903 Mors of Germany first fitted an automobile with ________.
Car handlingShock absorberSuspension (vehicle)Earthquake engineering

Question 2: The earliest tanks of the ________ had fixed suspensions—with no movement whatsoever.
World War IWestern Front (World War I)Caucasus CampaignArmenian Genocide

Question 3: This allows the vehicle to perform properly under a heavy load when control is limited by the ________ of the load.
Classical mechanicsPhysicsForceInertia

Question 4: Citroën has also developed several active suspension models (see ________).
Citroën Traction AvantCitroën CXHydropneumatic suspensionCitroën DS

Question 5: ________ developed several prototypes, from 1982 onwards, and introduced them to F1, where they have been fairly effective, but have now been banned.
Lotus CarsVauxhall MotorsLotus SevenWestfield Sportscars

Question 6: Some of the last post war ________ models also featured interconnected suspension.
Packard V-1650PackardStudebaker-Packard CorporationUltramatic

Question 7: The most advanced suspension system is Active Body Control, introduced in 1999 on the top-of-the-line ________.
Mercedes-Benz CL-ClassMercedes-Benz CLK-ClassMercedes-Benz CLS-ClassMercedes-Benz SL-Class

Question 8: Military AFVs, including ________, have specialized suspension requirements.
M1 AbramsT-34TankT-26 tank

Question 9: Spring rate is a ________ used to measure how resistant a spring is to being compressed or expanded during the spring's deflection.

Question 10: Semi-active suspensions include devices such as air springs and switchable shock absorbers, various self-levelling solutions, as well as systems like ________, Hydrolastic, and Hydragas suspensions.
Hydropneumatic suspensionCitroënCitroën DSCitroën CX

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