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Question 1: In British English the term suspenders or suspender belt refers to a ________, used to hold up stockings.
UndergarmentGarter (stockings)CorsetCorselet

Question 2: High quality braces are usually considered white collar (US), or upper or ________ (UK) wear and are made to be attached to trousers by buttons only.
Upper middle classGreen-collar workerSocial classAmerican middle class

Question 3: Suspenders (nearly always referred to by the British term "braces") are also a typical part of skinhead, and to a lesser extent, ________.
Punk rockPsychobillyPunk fashionPunk subculture

Question 4: Suspenders (________) or braces (British English) are fabric or leather straps worn over the shoulders to hold up trousers.
English languageAmerican EnglishUnited StatesAlaska

Question 5: [3] Many business people, newscasters (such as ________ in the US)[4] and professionals[5] such as lawyers also wear braces.
Rick SanchezLarry KingCNNChristiane Amanpour

Question 6: John Barrowman playing Captain ________ in the hit TV show Torchwood often wears braces.
Martha JonesThe Stolen EarthJack HarknessIanto Jones

Question 7: Current wearers include actor Martin Shaw as his TV alter-ego Judge John Deed, and Daniel Craig — particularly as James Bond, ________.
00 AgentBond girlJames Bond (character)Felix Leiter


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