Survival skills: Quiz

Question 1: Most commentators note that ________ is, as a general rule, not urgently needed in survival situations, because a human can survive for several weeks without it.
FoodCookingMeatMedieval cuisine

Question 2: A lack of water causes ________, which may result in lethargy, headaches, dizziness, confusion, and eventually death.
Diabetic ketoacidosisHyponatremiaDehydrationHypernatremia

Question 3: ________ - Once one recognizes a survival situation, one of the initial reactions noted is fear.

Question 4: Every different situation or location is said to present a different range of dangers - (see ________).
Backpacking (wilderness)Ten EssentialsMountaineeringHazards of outdoor activities

Question 5: With no formal training and wearing only her ________ clothes, she walked through the jungle for several days with parasitic insects boring under her skin.
BaptismCatholic ChurchHoly OrdersConfirmation

Question 6: The ________ provided by a fire allows the body to be warmed, wet clothes to be dried, water to be disinfected, and food to be cooked.
EnergyInternal energyTemperatureHeat

Question 7: ________ and Loneliness – An often unanticipated side effect of being in a survival situation, boredom and loneliness are both said to contribute to lowering morale.
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich HegelBoredomDisgustEcstasy (emotion)

Question 8: Also, many commentators discuss the knowledge, skills, and equipment (such as bows, snares and nets) necessary to gather animal food in the wild through ________, hunting, fishing..
Animal trappingRaccoonCoyoteCougar

Question 9: One widely circulated concept to help set priorities is called the "Rule of Three":[5] Employed a ________ device, the Rule of Three states:
Emotion and memoryMnemonicMemoryEidetic memory

Question 10: In 1998, Alaskan fireman Robert Bogucki survived for 12 days without water and 36 days with nearly no food [7] in the Great Sandy Desert, ________,
TasmaniaWestern AustraliaNorthern TerritorySouth Australia

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