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Survival knife: Quiz


Question 1: The F1 and S1 (only black versions) are approved as aircrew survival knives by the US Navy and US Marine Corps, and the F1 is ________ pilot issue.
Swedish Air ForceRoyal Norwegian Air ForceHellenic Air ForceRomanian Air Force

Question 2: Some militaries, including the US, have redesigned the ________ used with their issued rifle to include survival knife features.
M16 rifleBayonetTrench knifeUnited States

Question 3: These knives, along with ________ and bolos constituted survival knives as used by military, explorers, and outdoorsmen up through at least the 1930s.

Question 4: [5] Custom or semi-custom makers such as Jimmy Lile, Bo Randall, and ________ are often credited with inventing those features.
Balisong (knife)Straight razorChris Reeve KnivesChris Reeve

Question 5: Survival knives are knives intended for survival purposes in a ________ environment.
Natural environmentWildernessNatureEcosystem

Question 6: ________ hollow handled knives in the "One-Piece" line
Strider KnivesSpydercoChris Reeve KnivesErnest Emerson

Question 7: ________ were relatively thin and the handles were often no more than two wooden slabs riveted to the tang.

Question 8: Some survival knives are heavy-bladed and thick; others are lightweight or fold in order to save weight and bulk as part of a larger ________.
Hiking equipmentSurvival kitSurvival skillsMini survival kit

Question 9: RAT DPx H•E•S•T - 3" Hostile Environment Survival Tool designed by ________, sold by Randall Adventure Training (RAT)
The World's Most Dangerous PlacesBicycle touringRobert Young PeltonNational Geographic Adventure (TV channel)

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