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Surveyor 3: Quiz


Question 1: The TV photos were displayed back on the Earth on a slow-scan TV monitor that was coated with a long-persistency ________.

Question 2: In 2009, the ________ photographed the Surveyor 3 landing site in some detail, in which surrounding astronaut foot tracks could be seen[5].
Cassini–HuygensLunar Reconnaissance OrbiterLunar Precursor Robotic ProgramLCROSS

Question 3: Most dramatically, the ________ was removed from orbit around Jupiter to avoid the possibility of colliding with the Jovian moon Europa.
Cassini–HuygensMESSENGERNew HorizonsGalileo (spacecraft)

Question 4: Its persistency had been selected to match the nominal maximum ________.
NTSCFrame rateInterlaceVideo

Question 5: As Surveyor 3 was landing (in a crater, as it turned out [1][2]), highly reflective rocks confused the spacecraft's lunar descent ________.
Ultra high frequencyX bandWeather radarRadar

Question 6: The scoop consisted of a container, a sharpened blade, and an ________ to open and close the container.
AC motorElectric motorInduction motorElectrical generator

Question 7: The small ________ of the torque spring precluded the determination of density from the impact tests.
Elasticity (physics)Stress (mechanics)Hooke's lawLinear elasticity

Question 8: The Surveyor 3 landing site was later selected also as the landing target for the Lunar Module of the ________ manned lunar mission in 1969.
Apollo 12Apollo 17Apollo 11Apollo 15

Question 9: Surveyor 3 was the third lander of the Surveyor program sent to explore the surface of the ________.
MoonGanymede (moon)Io (moon)Mercury (planet)


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