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Surround sound: Quiz


Question 1: One form, ________ (WFS), produces a sound field with an even error field over the entire area.
Window functionWave field synthesisAliasingLight field

Question 2: The system was demonstrated at Expo 2005, ________, Japan, the NAB Shows 2006 & 2009, Las Vegas, and the IBC trade shows 2006 & 2008, Amsterdam, Netherlands.
Toyota, AichiNagoyaIchinomiya, AichiAichi Prefecture

Question 3: After the failure of ________ audio in the 1970s, multichannel music has slowly been reintroduced since 1999 with the help of SACD and DVD-Audio formats.
EMIQuadraphonic soundRCA RecordsGramophone record

Question 4: 10.2 is the surround sound format developed by THX creator Tomlinson Holman of TMH Labs and ________ (schools of Cinema/Television and Engineering).
Stanford UniversityUniversity of California, Los AngelesCalifornia Institute of TechnologyUniversity of Southern California

Question 5: In 2002, Dolby premiered a master of ________ which featured a Sonic Whole Overhead Sound soundtrack.
Hal MooreBraveheartWe Were SoldiersPearl Harbor (film)

Question 6: A second approach is processing the audio with ________ sound localization methods to simulate a two-dimensional (2-D) sound field with headphones.
Data compressionPsychoacousticsCode excited linear predictionAudio compression (data)

Question 7: Commercial surround sound media include videocassettes, Video DVDs, and HDTV broadcasts encoded as Dolby Pro Logic, ________, or DTS.
Free Lossless Audio CodecWavPackAudio compression (data)Dolby Digital

Question 8: Cinema 5.1 surround formats include ________ and DTS.
WavPackDolby DigitalAudio compression (data)Free Lossless Audio Codec

Question 9: Most surround sound recordings are created by film production companies or video game producers; however some consumer ________ have such capability either built-in or available separately.
Digital videoCamcorderD-VHSBetacam

Question 10: The ________ form, also based on Huygens' principle, gives an exact sound reconstruction at the central point; less accurate away from center point.
Surround soundAmbisonicsAmbisonic UHJ formatSoundfield microphone

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