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Surrender of Japan: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is Surrender of Japan?
Adult Female/Closed Category
Art Museum

Question 2: On the Missouri that day was the American flag flown on the USS Powhatan by Commodore ________ in 1853 on the first of his two expeditions to Japan.
BakumatsuUnited States NavySakokuMatthew C. Perry

Question 3: The Allied response was written by ________ and approved by the British, Chinese, and Soviet governments, although the Soviets agreed only reluctantly.
George MarshallFranklin D. RooseveltJames F. ByrnesHarry S. Truman

Question 4: The Soviet Union continued to fight until early September, taking the ________.
HokkaidōSakhalinKuril IslandsAntsiferov Island

Question 5: The Soviets, meanwhile, were preparing to attack the Japanese, in fulfillment of their promise to the Americans and the British made at the ________.
Yalta ConferencePotsdam ConferenceJoseph StalinEastern Bloc

Question 6: At this time, however, the Allied policy was to accept only an ________.
Unconditional surrenderWilliam Tecumseh ShermanUlysses S. GrantAmerican Civil War

Question 7: [50] This would give the Soviets time to transfer their troops to the Pacific theatre, and conquer Sakhalin, the Kuriles, and possibly ________[51] (starting with a landing at Rumoi, Hokkaidō).
HokkaidōSaga PrefectureJapanTokyo

Question 8:
Which of the following titles did Surrender of Japan have?
Gainesville Rock City
Member for Parramatta
Truman announcing the bombing of Hiroshima
Howard Chaykin

Question 9: That effectively meant no change in Japan's form of government[83]—that the ________ would remain a position of real power within the government.
Emperor of JapanAkihitoEmperor MeijiHirohito

Question 10: After the formal surrender on September 2 aboard the Missouri, investigations into ________ began quickly.
Second Sino-Japanese WarUnit 731Pacific WarJapanese war crimes

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