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Surplice: Quiz


Question 1: As part of the choir dress of the clergy, it is normally not worn by prelates (the pope, cardinals, ________, monsignori, and some canons) - instead, these clerics wear the rochet, which is in fact a variant of the surplice.
LutheranismVestmentBishopStole (vestment)

Question 2: It is usually worn over a ________ and never alone, nor is it ever gathered by a belt or cincture.
SurpliceBishopCassockChoir dress

Question 3: It may be worn under a stole by ________ and priests for liturgical ceremonies or the celebration of sacraments outside of Mass.
Stole (vestment)Liturgical bookDeaconBishop

Question 4: The latter two only appeared after the close of the Middle Ages: the first of them in South ________, the second more especially in Venetia, where numerous pictorial records attest its use.

Question 5: The surplice is meant to be a miniature alb, the alb itself being the symbol of the white garment received at ________.
BaptismProtestant ReformationInfant baptismLutheranism

Question 6: Braun, Joseph (1912), "Surplice", ________, XIV, New York: Robert Appleton Company,, retrieved 2007-08-18  
United StatesCatholic ChurchCatholic EncyclopediaPope John Paul II

Question 7: either a Geneva gown or the gown of an ________.
Academic degreeDoctorateBachelor's degreePostgraduate education

Question 8: ________ knew the surplice at least as early as the 12th century.

Question 9: On occasion, a ________ is worn over the cassock, surplice and stole.
Mass (liturgy)CopeBishopCatholic Church

Question 10: As such, it is appropriately worn by any cleric, by lectors and acolytes, or indeed by ________ who are technically standing in for instituted acolytes for any liturgical service.
Altar serverProcessional crossVestmentVesting Prayers


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