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Suri dynasty: Quiz


Question 1: Their rule came to an end by a defeat that led to restoration of the ________.
Timurid dynastyMongol EmpirePala EmpireMughal Empire

Question 2: [1][2][3][4][5] They ruled ________ between 1540 and 1556.
MahajanapadasPala EmpireHarshaDelhi Sultanate

Question 3: Sher Shah, whose real name was Farid Khan defeated Mughal ________ Humayun in the battle of Chausa on June 26, 1539 and again in the battle of Bilgram on May 17, 1540.
MonarchPrinceEmperorByzantine Empire

Question 4: ________ May 17, 1540–May 22, 1545[8]
Sher Shah SuriDurand LinePashtunistanPashtun people


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