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Surgeon: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is Surgeon?

Question 2: ________ (initiated surgical residency training in U.S., pioneer in many fields)
CocaineWilliam Stewart HalstedWilliam H. WelchMedicine

Question 3: ________ (educator and innovator in the field of cardiac surgery)
Norman BorlaugJames D. WatsonWernher von BraunMichael E. DeBakey

Question 4: ________ (first modern day successful open heart surgery in 1944)
CardiologyPulmonary arteryAlfred BlalockVivien Thomas

Question 5: Lars Leksell (neurosurgery, inventor of ________)
X-rayRadiosurgeryRadiation therapyIonizing radiation

Question 6: ________ (first surgeon to perform bypass surgery)
René FavaloroArgentinaIsraelCoronary catheterization

Question 7: Surgeons may be physicians, ________, podiatrists or veterinarians.
Cleft lip and palateDentistryOral and maxillofacial surgeryOrthodontics

Question 8: ________ often accompanies surgery, and anesthesiologists and nurse anesthetists may oversee this aspect of surgery.
PsychiatryMedicineAnesthesiaPain management

Question 9: C. Walton Lillehei (labeled "Father of modern day ________")
Artificial pacemakerCardiopulmonary bypassCardiac surgeryCoronary artery bypass surgery

Question 10: ________ such as the procedures of interventional radiology are sometimes described as "minimally invasive surgery." The field traditionally described as interventional neuroradiology, for instance, is increasingly called neurointerventional surgery.
Medical imagingInvasiveness of surgical proceduresMedicineMedical procedure


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