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Surform: Quiz


Question 1: A surform tool (also surface-forming tool[1]) features perforated ________ and resembles a food grater.
BrazingMetalworkingSheet metalSoldering

Question 2: Compared to a conventional rasp or sandpaper, the advantages of a surform rasp include a faster cutting action, no clogging of the tool with material being removed, and little or no ________.
Air pollutionDustRoadParticulate

Question 3: Surforms are popular among creators of ________, especially among those who use deadwood bonsai techniques.
Meiji periodBonsaiJapanTaishō period

Question 4: Surforms are used also to shape surfboards, trim ________,[18] and in sculpture.
Passive fire protectionFirestopFireproofingDrywall

Question 5: [7] It is unclear whether this is a genericized trademark or the opposite, a ________ that was subsequently trademarked.
GenusBiological classificationNomenclatureCommon name

Question 6: ________ (Stanley) first bought United States manufacturing rights, then bought the company.
Hand toolStanley WorksRIDGIDCooper Tools


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