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Question 1: Practicing with a ________ or swing boarding helps novices master the art.
TranceDifferential (mechanical device)ProprioceptionBalance board

Question 2: During winter, heavy swells are generated in the mid-latitudes, when the north and south polar fronts shift toward the ________.
1st parallel northEquator1st parallel south5th parallel north

Question 3: Even newer designs incorporate materials such as ________ and variable-flex composites.
Carbon fiberAsbestosAramidNylon

Question 4: They can move westward as in 1979, when Tropical Cyclone Kerry wandered for three weeks across the Coral Sea and into ________ before dissipating.
Northern TerritoryNew South WalesAustraliaQueensland

Question 5: Animals such as sharks,[10] stingrays, seals and ________ can sometimes present a danger.

Question 6: Maverick's or Mavericks is a world-famous surfing location in ________.
Oakland, CaliforniaSan Jose, CaliforniaNorthern CaliforniaSan Francisco Bay Area

Question 7: A newer introduction is a rash vest with a thin layer of ________ to provide maximum warmth without compromising mobility.

Question 8: ________ were originally made of solid wood and were large and heavy (often up to 12 feet (3.7 m) long and 100 pounds (45 kg)).
SurfboardSurf cultureSurfingDuke Kahanamoku

Question 9: Many popular surfing destinations, such as Hawaii, California, Florida, ________, Ireland, Australia and Costa Rica, have surf schools and surf camps that offer lessons.

Question 10: and ________ offer surfers access to remote, tropical locations, where tradewinds ensure offshore conditions.
Mavericks (location)SurfboardSurfingSurf culture

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