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Question 1: [9] This ________ formed the basis of much of the mitigation study that led to strategies for land use and chemical handling controls.
Computer simulationSimulationSocial sciencesPhysics

Question 2: [7] In the case of surface waters, the impacts translate to ________, since the streams and rivers have received runoff carrying various chemicals or sediments.
Surface runoffMarine pollutionEutrophicationWater pollution

Question 3: Modern industrial ________ is another major cause of erosion.
AgricultureIntensive farmingSustainable agricultureOrganic farming

Question 4: Clean Water Act (CWA) requires that local governments in urbanized areas (as defined by the ________) obtain stormwater discharge permits for their drainage systems.
Southern United StatesMidwestern United StatesUnited States Census BureauNew England

Question 5: In the 1960s some state and ________ began to focus their efforts on mitigation of construction runoff by requiring builders to implement erosion and sediment controls (ESCs).
FranceProvinceLocal governmentMunicipality

Question 6: It is instead forced directly into streams or storm water runoff drains, where ________ and siltation can be major problems, even when flooding is not.
ErosionDuneRiver deltaMouth bar

Question 7: [14][15] Essentially this means that the locality must operate a stormwater management program for all surface runoff that enters the municipal separate ________ system ("MS4").
RoadUrban runoffWater pollutionStorm drain

Question 8: When the ________ is saturated and the depression storage filled, and rain continues to fall, the rainfall will immediately produce surface runoff.
ClayLandslideWater wellSoil

Question 9: Regarding ________, runoff waters can have two important pathways of concern.
Soil contaminationEnvironmental radioactivityPollutionBioremediation

Question 10: An example land use control program can be viewed at seen in the city of ________.
Santa Monica, CaliforniaLos Angeles County, CaliforniaLong Beach, CaliforniaLos Angeles


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