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Question 1: In the case of conducting macroscopic bodies surface charge can be measured using electrostatic fieldmeters or ________ can also be used.
OscilloscopeElectronic test equipmentVoltmeterMultimeter

Question 2: It is dissociation or Differential Solubility of the surface ________.
EthyleneAlcoholFunctional groupAlkane

Question 3: This mechanism is important for ________ and other fluid based heterogeneous systems.
ColloidLiquidSolidPlasma (physics)

Question 4: Interface and Colloid Science as a part of Double Layer, structure that is responsible for Electrokinetic phenomena and ________
Surface conductivityZeta potentialElectrophoresisElectroacoustic phenomena

Question 5: Another method is ________ with appropriate surface active chemical.
ElectrochemistryTitrationMelting point apparatusChromatography

Question 6: One factor includes surface charge appears practically always on an object ________ when it is placed into a fluid.
Riemann surfaceSphereTopological manifoldSurface

Question 7: This interaction might lead to ________ some of them on the surface.
AdsorptionBET theoryChemisorptionSurface science

Question 8: Other important example is charging of ________, which originates from a disrupted lattice structure.
PhysicsCondensed matter physicsQuantum mechanicsSemiconductor

Question 9: Surface charge of ________ and other bio-macromolecules allows their separation in gel or capillary electrophoresis

Question 10: If number of adsorbed cations exceeds number of adsorbed anions, surface would gain total positive ________.
ElectromagnetismMagnetic fieldElectric currentElectric charge


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