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Supreme Soviet of Russia: Quiz


Question 1: In contrast to other Soviet republics of the Soviet Union, Russian SFSR did not have its own Communist Party and was not their first secretaries (which in other republics have relatively independent of power) until ________

Question 2: In ________1993 Supreme Soviet consisted of 252 deputies in the two equal chambers - the Soviet of the Republic (Chairman: Ramzan Abdulatipov) and the Soviet of Nationalities (Chairman: Benjamin Sokoloff).

Question 3: Supreme Soviet and the Council of Ministers of the Russian SFSR in the ________ were located in the former mansion of counts Ostermanov (str Delegatskaya, 3), now known by Muscovites as «Museum to delegate».
1940sWorld War II19451950s

Question 4: ________ (29 May 1990 - 10 July 1991)
PerestroikaMikhail GorbachevBoris YeltsinRonald Reagan

Question 5: Prior to the ________, de jure leader of the Russian Federation, the Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the Russian SFSR, exercised only nominal powers.


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