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Supreme Court of the United States: Quiz


Question 1:
What type is thing is Supreme Court of the United States?
Presidential appointment on the advice of the Judicial Service Commission
Presidential nomination with confirmation by the Senate
Presidential nomination with Senate confirmation
presidential heylmp

Question 2:
Where does Supreme Court of the United States come from?
United States
United States

Question 3: The Warren Court (1953–1969) made many rulings, sometimes celebrated, sometimes controversial, expanding the application of the Constitution to ________, leading a renaissance in substantive due process.
DemocracyFree marketImmanuel KantCivil liberties

Question 4: George Will wrote that the court has an "increasingly central role in American governance."[156] It was criticized for intervening in bankruptcy proceedings regarding ailing carmaker ________ in 2009.
General Motors Chapter 11 reorganizationChryslerGeneral MotorsChrysler Chapter 11 reorganization

Question 5: ________ (Chief Justice)
William RehnquistSandra Day O'ConnorJohn Roberts Supreme Court nominationJohn G. Roberts

Question 6: Georgia);[40] but also held the death penalty itself was not unconstitutional (________).
Gregg v. GeorgiaByron WhiteWalton v. ArizonaEighth Amendment to the United States Constitution

Question 7: [137] Advocates of states' rights such as constitutional scholar ________ have also criticized the court, saying it has misused the Fourteenth Amendment to undermine state authority.
United States CongressKevin GutzmanConservatism in the United StatesUnited States Constitution

Question 8:
When was Chief Justice of the United States formed?

Question 9: The progressive Brown v. Board of Education decision has been criticized by conservatives such as Patrick Buchanan[110] and former presidential contender ________.
John A. LoganHenry WilsonJ. Donald CameronBarry Goldwater

Question 10: Parrish,[25] ________),[26] giving a broader reading to the powers of the Federal Government.
Frank MurphyHugo BlackFelix FrankfurterWickard v. Filburn

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