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Supreme Court of Nigeria: Quiz


Question 1: Appeals from the Federal Supreme Court to the ________ were abolished at that point, and the Supreme Court became the highest court in Nigeria.
Her Majesty's Courts ServiceUnited KingdomJudicial Committee of the Privy CouncilSecretary of State for Justice

Question 2: The Supreme Court in its current form was shaped by the Supreme Court Act of 1990 and by Chapter VII of the 1999 ________ of Nigeria.
United KingdomDemocracyLawConstitution

Question 3: The Supreme Court of Nigeria is the highest court in Nigeria, and is located in the Central District, ________, in what is known as the Three Arms Zone, so called due to the proximity of the offices of the Presidential Complex, the National Assembly, and the Supreme Court.

Question 4: In 1963, the Federal Republic of Nigeria was proclaimed and ________ became its first President.
Olusegun ObasanjoNigerian First RepublicYakubu GowonNnamdi Azikiwe


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